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Although human rights are universal, there are always vulnerable groups in society that need additional protection. In the course of our human rights activities, we found out that, besides the generally known violations of human rights faced by human rights defenders, journalists and activists, there have been foreigners and persons without citizenship who stay without attention and legal support in Belarus.

Migrants often face discrimination and human rights violations and turn out unable to defend themselves. We consult and render aid to those who have been made to flee their country because of threats to life, health and restrictions in rights – such people are called forced migrants or refugees.

We work to highlight the problems of this category of people, and we try to create an adequate image of refugees in society through enlightening activities; we also try to influence the legislation and legal practice in Belarus. Since this is how our country can become truly hospitable.

Migrants and refugees

Overview of the situation with “transit refugees” in Brest

The review is an interim report, it was prepared on the basis of monitoring activities of Human Constanta office in Brest with the participation of volunteers. The review covers the activities from May to August 2018.
Migrants and refugees

Overview of the situation with transit refugees November 2017-April 2018

The overview of the situation with transit refugees in Brest. The review was prepared by human rights organization Human Constanta on the basis of interviews conducted in Brest from November 2017 to April 2018.
Migrants and refugees

Invisible refugees on the Belarusian-Polish border 2016-2017

Report about the situation with transit refugees on the border point. In 2017 there are still many people, most of them are from Chechnya.
Migrants and refugees Report

Analytical report on the detention of foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus

In March 2017 in Belarus there were manifestations against the tax on parasitism, as a result of which a huge number of people, including foreigners, were detained.
Migrants and refugees

Report of Human Constanta – Invisible refugees on Belarus-Poland border

The report “Invisible refugees on the Belarus-Poland border” – is more than just observations of individual journalists and human rights activists. For the first phase of the Mission’s work from 6 to 16 September, we analyzed the “collective portrait” in order to better understand ourselves and show the society who is now in Brest.
Migrants and refugees

Exit visa from Belarus: what is that and who needs it

If you live in Belarus on the grounds of temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit you may need an exit visa to leave Belarus. What is that and how to get it?
Migrants and refugees

Registration of foreign citizens online in Belarus: instructions

From January 2, foreign citizens coming to Belarus can register at the place of their stay online. We wrote instructions on how to do this.
Legal consultation Migrants and refugees

What do you need to know before going to Belarus for the first time?

If you come to Belarus for the first time, there are things that you need to take care in advance. Visit and the visa-free regime, the necessary documents and customs clearance - read our note.
Legal consultation Migrants and refugees medical care for foreigners

How foreigners can get medical aid in Belarus?

To come to Belarus, foreigners must have a health insurance card. With it, you may get emergency medical care in any Belarusian medical institution.
Legal consultation Migrants and refugees Employment in Belarus

Employment in Belarus for foreigners

How can a foreigner get employed in Belarus? All categories of foreigners – whether they hold a permanent residence permit (PRP), a temporary residence permit or are staying in Belarus temporarily – may be employed in Belarus.
Legal consultation Migrants and refugees

How can a foreigner register a marriage in Belarus with a Belarusian citizen?

You legally arrived in Belarus — having a visa or a temporary residence permission, a residence and you want to marry a Belarusian citizen in Belarus? What to do, which documents are needed to register a marriage in Belarus and where to go with them — you can find the answers to these questions in […]
Legal consultation Migrants and refugees residence permit in Belarus

Getting a permanent residence permit in Belarus

A permanent residence permit in Belarus (hereinafter — PRP) is almost equivalent to a Belarusian passport. It grants foreigners the same scope of rights that Belarusian citizens have. Except for electoral rights – such as the right to vote and the right to be elected. Only Russian citizens with a PRP may take part in local […]
Legal consultation Migrants and refugees

Temporary residence permit in Belarus

If you want to stay in Belarus for a long period of time, thus planning to stay here for more than 90 days (three months) in a calendar year, but you do not have any grounds for obtaining a residence permit, then you can apply for a temporary residence permit in Belarus (hereinafter – TRP).  
Migrants and refugees

Statement of Human Constanta on the incident on the Belarusian-Polish border

On February 28, the portal My Brest reported that on February 26 border guards have detained two citizens of the Russian Federation. They are trying to illegally cross the Belarusian-Polish border.
Legal consultation Migrants and refugees

How can a foreigner stay in Belarus legally? Registration.

You have arrived in Belarus. What’s next? Registration in Belarus — is an important legal procedure. But first, let’s define the terms. Foreigners can temporary stay, temporary and permanently reside in the Republic of Belarus. What does it mean:

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