The specific of work at Human Constanta is horizontality in decision-making and internal democracy in practice; the use of human defense instruments for solving social issues; engaging of all parties concerned in the dialogue, including state bodies and representatives of international organizations; work with volunteers; transparency in activities; the use of contemporary media and online technologies – this is what we write in official letters.

Saying it in another way – we at Human Constanta take decisions jointly, having listened to all participants. We don’t have chiefs and subordinates. Working with tasks, we do not see a situation from one side, but rather involve all parties concerned in the process: business, the state, international and national organizations, initiatives and individuals.

We want more people to become active and the civil society to become more involved in human rights defense. Our organization is open for cooperation, and we gladly invite volunteers and share what we know.

Our team aspires not only to practice human defense, but also to enlighten, teach, and find out new audiences. We work openly and transparently, using contemporary technologies for promotion of our ideas and values.

Human Constanta is an organization of a new form, and we are happy to have our friends with us this year. We aspire to positive changes and try to be constructive, and set our own example how interaction, support and cooperation help to attain goals.

Юля Стасюк
Alena Chekhovich
A lawyer, human rights defender. Master of International and European law. Since May 2018, a lawyer in the Human Constanta counseling office for foreigners and stateless persons in Minsk. Since 2016, provided volunteer assistance to Human Constanta – the Mission of Assistance to refugees in Brest; participated in the preparation of reports on the issue of migration and the rights of foreigners and stateless persons. Previously a volunteer at the Red Cross (2014), the youth organization “Action Group” (2009-2011), short-term observer of the elections in Belarus, Ireland, Slovakia in the frame of the project «Election observation: theory and practice» (Lithuania).
Yana Goncharova
Human rights defender. In 2015, she joined the Russian volunteer project RosUznik and became its coordinator; she specializes in rendering aid to Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia. Beside coordination of the project, she works with individual cases of political prisoners directly. Yana has been a journalist for Russian and Ukrainian media. She participated in the International Center for Journalist Program 2016 (USA) and John Smith Trust Fellowship 2017 (Great Britain).
Enira Bronitskaya
Jurist, human rights defender. She has worked with human rights issues over 15 years. She was the deputy head of the civil initiative Partnership that observed elections in Belarus; then she was the deputy head of the Committee for the Protection of the Repressed Salidarnasts. She was the head of the Office for the Rights of People with Disabilities from 2011. Enira is a founder and an active member of the initiative Human Rights Defenders against Tortures. Almost for a decade, Enira has been an expert for the OSCE/ODIHR in election observation and worked with 13 missions in different countries of the OSCE region.
Andrew Sushko
Human rights defender, jurist and analyst. He is an expert in the issues of access to information in the public sector, electronic government and citizen participation in decision-making online. He has profile education in the sphere of public governance at the Academy under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Belarus and at the Warsaw University. Andrey worked at the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, the Committee for the Protection of the Repressed Salidarnasts, and the Center for Legal Transformation Lawtrend; has been a consultant in education and human rights for the Office for Rights of People with Disabilities and for the Belarusian National Youth Council RADA. He is also an invited expert for SYMPA/Bipart.
Anna Baranovskaya
Jurist, human rights defender. Master of international law. Anna has been in human rights defense and promotion since 2003; she worked with the Belarus Human Rights House in Vilnius (2012 – 2013), the Office for Democratic Belarus (2014 – 2016). Currently, Anna is an invited expert at the Helsinki Human Rights House (Warsaw), and a co-founder of the initiative Carbon-Free Travel. She participated in numerous international internships and research projects. Her sphere of competences includes international law, project activities, enhancing organizational potential. In 2016, she completed the course Project Management Professional (PMP) / Technion University (Israel).
Vałdzis Fuhaš
Trainer and consultant on educational and advocacy activities, focused in the field of human rights, equality, inclusion, public interest and culture of peace. Human rights defender focused in the field of human rights issues in freedom of movement and the rights of refugees and migrants, sport and human rights, peaceful assemblies, human rights and mental health. Member of the Youth Peace Ambassadors Network. Member of international networks in respond to far-right populism and radicalism in Europe (Central and Eastern, particularly).
Наста Лойка
Nasta Loyka
Human rights activist since 2008. Master of International Law and European Union Law (2015). Nasta participates in international human rights observation missions, conducts workshops (human rights education and awareness for the youth). Member of the International Youth Human Rights Movement (YHRM). Nasta is an expert when it comes to freedom of association, legal mechanisms for the protection of human rights, migration, civic control, volunteering management, hate crime, as well as anti-discrimination issues and equality. In 2018, she won the Rada Awards prize in the nomination “Perpetuum Mobile in the youth sector.”
Alexey Kozliuk
Alexey Kozliuk
Human rights expert, jurist, researcher. He participates in Human Constanta team and is the Program director of Mass Communications Foundation (fmcom). Alexey is an author of analytics and educational programs focused on the access to information of the public sector, freedom of information online, privacy and data protection. As a legal expert he is engaged in local and international projects in Belarus and CEE/Eurasia region. Alexey took the internship in the International Center for Non-Profit Law (USA) on the issue of restricting access to content under different jurisdictions; participated in the in the International Leadership Program 2014 (USA) and John Smith Trust Fellowship 2017 (Great Britain).

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